How the articles distort the titles of there articles to distort the truth of the article

The title of the journal article in not accurate given the study design and findings. What this article really is looking into is the fact that the brain can symphonize these feelings of a divine being. The articles title is only created to make people become interested in the article. It makes it seem that there is actual concrete evidence in the article that god exists. The article is simply the existence of part of the brain which symphonies the idea of a greater being. The parts of the brains creates these thoughts of some mystical events however doesn’t give any evidence of god. There are three reasons why findings are not justified. The first problem is that the test is massively biased. This is due to the people participating in the study all believe in the same god and none are atheist. So if there were any evidence for the “God spot” they would be less likely to report it. Secondly is that they are using quantitative evidence because we do not know if that the events the nuns were thinking about real events or that they were simply made up by the nuns. Thirdly what does the evidence actually show? It still shows that the brain creates these events; even though it is not just one center it is multiple. To make the experiment more valid it would have been sensible for the experimenters to make the nuns make up a story and see if some of the same areas of the brain light up because in this experiment it implies that the stories the nuns are giving are not made up.


The conclusions the news report & headline implies is that the report implied that there is no such thing as god. It implies that the brain creates these feelings and these feelings can be artificially generated, proven by Micheals Persingers research where he stimulated the emporal lobes. This result was not really covered by the title this is because according to the title it seems that concrete evidence for the existence was being presented. The only study they gave which supposedly gave concrete evidence which supported the existence of god was greatly flawed due to being extremely biased and that it really didn’t create concrete evidence it simply reviled that unlike before we now know that multiple centers in the brain activate when thinking about miracles rather then one. This does not support the idea that god exists.  However the article did the exact opposite due to it showed that the brain creates all feelings of “sense presence “ which can also be done artificially.


Dehumanization and the Stanford Pirson Experiment

In war soldiers where uniforms, in this blog I will discuss why soldiers do so? It is not for camouflage; this is shown with the British army having the Red coats these defiantly did not serve as camouflage for the wearer and due to there red colour making them a “waking bulls-eye”.


So what is there use? Well in 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford prison experiment. The experiment was conducted by putting an add in the local newspaper for university Students. Twelve were chosen to play guards and another twelve were chosen to play Prisoners. A make shift prison was created in the bowels of Sanford University and the prisoners, escorted by police who had “arrested them” took them and put them in this jail.


The experiment only lasted six days compared to the two weeks, which was intended. The reason was the guard’s inhumation treatment of the prisoners, an example is guards refusing to let prisoners urinate or defecate. For one prisoner they create an area of solitary confinement, which caused him to have a mental breakdown.


Two horrific conclusions were shown in this experiment. The first beings that when people put on uniforms they assume an “alternative personality” which the uniform requires. In the Stanford prison experiment personality was a guard, these students who were perfectly normal human beings started to show the traits of the officers guarding Abu Ghraib who tortured there prisoners in 2004. The second being that when this uniform comes off so does all the blame for the events done in it, the “prison guards” were able to go home every night if the were not on duty and they were able to sleep well and didn’t feel any regret for what they did to the prisoners the night before.


Overall this experiment shows that uniforms dehumanize human beings and the army uses this to 1 make sure that soldiers comply to there job description and the second that when they take the uniform off when they get home they do not feel regret for the things they have done