The best course in University so far

Originally this blog was going to be about science of education has broken my formal education. No longer will I sit in a lecture, thinking it must be the best way of learning. Or when I learn almost nothing in a lesson, I know it is not just me, it can be the teaching.

However towards the end of my blogs I changed my mind. Science of education has not broken my formal education; it has given me a new way of approaching education. My new philosophy on learning is, by starting learning by yourself and use the teacher’s notes as guidelines. Previously I have solely relied on the teachers notes, I have created over 100 mind-maps and box full of SAFMEDS. Thinking back now I ask for what? Out of these countless number of memory aids, how many of them do I remember? Even more important how much of it did I enjoy learning the information? The answer two both these questions are not much.

This is the sad thing about the current broken educational system. Students see learning as a means to and end, the learning is something you plough though to get to what you really want. However under different circumstances you can love what is being taught. Science of education would have been tedious if it had followed the time old tradition of peddling though old, out-dated theories. We have had this type of teaching for almost our entire life lives. When Jesse decided to design this class under the model of the MUSIC model, it transformed the class from a teaching cage to learning environment. Which almost everyone I have talked to have enjoyed.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this model and could easily say this has been my favourite course in my whole university career. I feel that such methods of teaching could be used across the whole of university. Including my other third year model. 


10 thoughts on “The best course in University so far

  1. psp2cb says:

    I agree with you that by learning ourselves we find what we enjoy and learn the information much more thorough. Although the work load has been a bit hard going at times I believe now that it was needed because if for example we only had to comment on three blogs then we wouldn’t be learning as much as we were by commenting on five blogs. As well as the information we have researched for our own blogs I believe that by reading other peoples blogs, and how passionately they talk about their topic, we have learnt so much more than what would have done by sitting in a lecture. All in all I agree with you that it has been one of the best taught modules I have ever attended.

    • psuf10 says:

      Thank you for the good feedback. I agree the blogs have been very hard work. But it doesn’t seem that much because i have enjoyed the topic areas so much. What is amazing is how much of this information I have retained. I think I have a greater understanding of education and, unlike my other courses, I would love to continue learning about the subject areas I have done my blogs on.

  2. I agree with you, it is easy to focus on the negatives of going back to a traditional lecture format; I believe it is better to focus on the positives. We have learnt useful skills in this module that we will take on for the rest of our lives hopefully. It isn’t about the grade but the experience and I have really enjoyed this module, far more than any other so far. It is also exciting to part of this transition and hopefully we can convince other lecturers to follow this format.

    • psuf10 says:

      What I feel is that this model is the first real insight to a real job. All self motivated and uses much higher of cognitive skills. I enjoyed the course because it was all about discovery and I really enjoyed reading around the area. What is amazing for me is that I want to become a teacher this course this completely changed my teacher cognition.

  3. Jessica says:

    I like how to you’ve talked about this module in relation to education as a whole and other ways of learning. In comparison, this module is definitely more hands on, and a real benefit to our learning. However, I don’t think I could have managed two modules that were taught this way. I don’t think my grades would have held up at all. I liked having a mix of a self taught module and a module with lectures and exams. It helped balance out my work load.

  4. zzeiger says:

    I agree the module has potential. I think that it is a good prototype for shaping other module’s within the University setting. However, as Jesse said; there is no one size fits all within education and although i found blogs a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience within this model I may not find it so fun in all of my modules and as most people will probably agree, varied marking styles are good because they allow the student to never become complacent in the test. When I finish University I don’t want to become simply a good rote learner or good at taking tests, I want to be able to sit in the Pub at the end of the day and have huge informed discussions about how the world could be different if only things changed. Or maybe use the knowledge I have learnt to try and get a job too, I guess that’s also an important aspect of University…

  5. I have learned so much from these student blogs and comments. Oh, that I had had the opportunity to learn like this!

  6. I really treasure your work , Great post.

  7. I can’t really help but admire your blog, your blog is so adorable and nice ,  

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