A guide to classroom management: a scientific look at education (Latham, 1997)

A few small changes have been made to help with its clarity


Within this series of blogs I will address a revolutionary paper in classroom management written by Latham (1997). The blogs will focus on whether his ideas on implementing behavioral psychology principles within education, are still as appropriate to teacher training programmes today as they were in 1997. It will also consider if such ideas are being currently taught to new teachers or whether aspects/all of his ideas have stagnated into obscurity and are being generally ignored by educators.

The motivation behind Latham’s (1997) Eight Skills was his yearning to create a concise guide for teachers on classroom and behavioral management. In his research, he compared how different professionals (engineers, physicians, lawyers and teachers) dealt with finding solutions to specific problems within their respective fields. He noted, as seen in Figure 1, that ‘Other Professions’ used guiding core principles from which they generated their solutions, whereas within teacher training programmes teachers…

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